National Support Center for Extremism

If you suspect your child is radicalizing or is dealing with extremism, you might be struggling with a lot of questions, insecurity and maybe feelings of shame. How to know if there is a real problem? What can you do? 

The LSE (national support center for extremism) can answer all your questions about radicalization and extremism and can provide you with advise on dealing with these issues.

About LSE

We provide family support, individual counsel and group contact with people who are or have been dealing with similar issues. Our multidisciplinary team consists of 25 competent and inspired professionals with a lot of experience in the field of radicalization, honour-related and domestic violence, youth care, crisis care and intercultural social work. The support center is located in the region of Utrecht and offers help throughout the country. 

Support and advice

Are you worried or at a loss as to what to do in a specific situation? Do you have questions or do you want more information? Feel free to contact us without obligation. You can contact us anonymously at first. If further help is needed, we can make an appointment to meet. This meeting can take place at your home, at a public location or at one of our offices. During this meeting, we will explain what our support entails and what you can expect from us. We will listen to your story and discuss your wishes. On the basis of this conversation, you can decide whether or not you want to make use of our services. All the information you share with us is confidential and will not be shared with others without your consent. You don’t have to pay for the services of LSE. LSE is funded by the Dutch government.

Contact information

T (+31) 088 – 20 80 080
Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 17.00